Learn about Airbnb as an amenity at Park 12

We're excited to welcome Park 12 residents to the Airbnb community. You can now host your apartment on Airbnb as well as explore the world and discover what it's like to be hosted.

Need some guidance? 

Ask an expert! Connect with an Airbnb Ambassador. Ambassadors are Airbnb hosts who can share their hosting expertise with you.*
Paul  Airbnb Ambassador for Park 12

Host to earn extra income

Have travel plans? Want to? Host your apartment at Park 12 to help offset your rent or fund a new adventure. For a limited time only, the first 20 hosts at Park 12 that receive a booking can earn an extra $100 Airbnb gift card. See terms and conditions** below.

gift card image

Explore and be hosted

There’s an entire world waiting to be explored—near, far, or online. As a resident of Park 12, you are eligible for a $100 Airbnb gift card for a limited time only. See terms and conditions*** and submit your information to claim your gift.

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